Group Scheduling

de instituições públicas e de terceiro setor

Intended for groups of more than 10 people

The purpose of scheduling groups is to guarantee the implementation of MASP's gratuity policy for:

  • public institutions;

  • third sector bodies, projects and/or programs that are non-profit and that attend to the socially vulnerable and/or people with disabilities (PWD), free of charge.

If the group fits these criteria, an institutional registration must be carried out and, upon approval, a request may be made for a scheduled visit.  

For private educational institutions

Schedule a date and buy your tickets here

Gratuity is extended to companions of any group, upon proof of ID, who are:

  • teachers and/or employees of the institutions;

  • tour guides registered with CADASTUR.

MASP also guarantees free entry to:

  • children aged 10 years and under;

  • PWD and an accompanying person;

  • people receiving full scholarships, whether through a social program, philanthropy, or other, as long as they participate in scheduled groups.

In these cases, request your ticket for free at the MASP ticket office, upon proof of ID. For groups with more than 10 people that meet these criteria, write to to schedule your visit.

About guided tours

MASP does not offer guided tours, therefore, we encourage the visit to be guided by the professional responsible for the group. A variety of content is available online on YouTube, SoundCloud, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. In addition, teachers have a special discount at the MASP store.