All press requests must be sent to the email Messages will be replied to within 72 hours. Please read the general guidelines below before contacting the press office:

To be included on the MASP mailing list

Send a simple message with a full name, email and media outlet.

To schedule interviews

Include in the message the topic, a brief description of the article, the media outlet, the desired spokesperson and the deadline.

To schedule recordings

• Media outlets / inside the museum

Include in the message a brief description of the production, the outlet media, the team size, the equipment and the deadline.

• Recordings at the Freestanding Space

If the team has more than 10 people and/or ground equipment (tripod, tracking shot camera, etc.), forward an email to, with a brief description of the project. For smaller teams (up to 10 people) and using only a handheld camera, it is not necessary to have previous authorization for recording at the freestanding space.

• Independent blogs and channels

As long as the aim is to promote the museum`s program and activities and not to use it as a commercial location, no authorization is required, just book the tickets at this link and follow the guidelines below:

Limit of 2 people (together) at the recording location, during the entire period;

In order not to overload the museum we cannot supply energy;

It is not allowed to consume food or drinks in the exhibition room;

The use of tripods, lights, stabilizers or microphones is not allowed;

We ask that team members do not have backpacks on their backs or wearing caps;

All equipment must remain with the team;

Recordings cannot exceed 1 hour.

Courtesy for journalists

MASP offers free tickets for accredited journalists, subject to prior appointment and justification/reason for the visit. Send a copy of your accreditation (Journalist ID card, issued by the National Federation of Journalists) indicating the date you intend to visit, at least two days before. Messages will be answered in a timely manner.

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