Pedro Figari: African Nostalgias

Edited by:

Mariana Leme

Texts by:

Camila B. Ruskowski; Jean-Arsène Yao; Mariana Leme; Olga Picún; Patricia M. Artundo; Pablo Thiago Rocca; Yamandú Acosta

Capa dura, 17,8x24,5cm, 208p, inglês, MASP, 2018


ISBN 978-85-310-0061-4

<em>Pedro Figari: African Nostalgias</em> accompanies the exhibition of the same title dedicated to one of the most important figures of Latin American modernity - African Nostalgias is also the title of a paiting by Pedro Figari (1861-1938). This is the largest exhibition of the artist's work in more than three decades, and uses a unique approach by focusing on representations of Afro-Uruguayan culture. This publication reproduces all the 63 works featured in the show. The selection of paintings includes many daily scenes, which provide dignity and complexity to the Afro-Uruguayan populations: there are groups of individuals that dance candombes and bailongos, other occupy the courtyards of tenementes or take part in traditional funeral ceremonies. The exhibition is organized by MASP, Museu de Arte de São Paulo Assis Chateaubriand, in partnership with the Museo Nacional de Artes Visuales and Museo Figari, in Montevideo.